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Commercial Solutions

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With Peace of Mind Commercial Solutions, we can provide a variety of unique solutions, not previously available in the New Zealand market.

Working closely with our business partners, we have developed the following range of commercial solutions:

Doors and Windows:


Peace of Mind Security Screens can custom design products for commercial environments. Clean lines, unobstructed views and bespoke fabrication means building with Peace of Mind Security solutions, you will have limitless flexibility to marry style and functionality. These include large scale doors and window screening, to balustrading, fencing and enclosures.

Incorporating Crimsafe technology where applicable, Peace of Mind Commercial Solutions can produce products unmatched in terms of function. Applications are wide ranging from fall protection, anti-throw screening, anti-electrification screening, fire attenuation, bushfire protection and cyclone debris protection, all while delivering uncompromising security.

Many architects are now specifying Crimsafe technology be used for unparalleled security without compromising design freedom.


We work with a variety of industry professionals, in locations sometimes as far afield

as Tonga. Our cyclone and security products are second to none.

If you are working on a construction project, we would recommend getting us in early to get the most cost-effective outcome.


Regardless of your need, give us a call. We will be happy to meet to discuss.


We are based in the Wider Wellington region, and are happy to meet you on site.

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